The Craftsman Piano tuning approach

I, Rocco Garofalo, personally conduct all tuning. I have over 30 years tuning experience. I do not discriminate between and among pianos. I spend my time to make any piano sound the best that it possibly can.

I am a practitioner of the new Superior Aural Tuning system.

Over 99% of my customers are satisfied with my work. They range from beginners and musical afficionados, to teachers and musical directors, all the way to high-level and professional performers.

What's new:

To celebrate back-to-school, we are now offering a 10% discount to our standard piano-tuning rate. Offer expires November 1, 2016.


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ill titlePiano Tuning

Piano service comprises:

  1. evaluation
  2. consultation
  3. service

ill_1Evaluating a piano is the first and most difficult step in piano service. Usually, poor service is a result of lacking experience, meticulousness or enthusiasm. As a professional technician, my aim is to present to you a realistic picture of all problems and the nature of those problems, as well as your instrument's potential. Often, I have seen a piano or instrument working, but with shaky or non-dependable components. At times, I have even come across the work of specialists who have done good work, but have not resolved a root problem - and so instrument performance remains poor.

It is my job, and the job of my employees, to give you our expertise. Our service provides clients with relevant experience at the best possible price. Tuning Fork as float objectBeing able to deliver a perfect service goes beyond being a complete service provider. The provider must establish priorities. Next, the priorities must be weighed against budget, client needs (such as talent level, performance ability, and a venue's acoustics and characteristics).

Quality service begins, in my mind, when we first visit any potential customer. We come prepared for any situation, such as action regulation, tuning and voicing. But also cleaning, strengthening and supporting. We will discuss costs versus benefits of various repair options, and whether the completed piano will meet your performance requirements. In a nutshell, we are prepared to handle the simplest of repairs to the most sophisticated of rebuildings.Grand gets refurbised