My name is Rocco Garofalo and this is my story of how I became a piano technician and how we developed this company. Born in a small town in the region around Naples, Italy, ...

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To celebrate back-to-school, we are now offering a 10% discount to our standard piano-tuning rate. Offer expires November 1, 2016.


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Q marks on piano keys1. How can I decide if major repairs are needed?
The cost of repair versus replacement is your key benchmark. Major repairs may exceed the market value of similar and new low-quality instruments. However, most large high-quality pianos can be rebuilt for 50 percent to 67 percent of a new piano of similar quality. If the piano has been plagued by a fire, flood or moving damage, can the best workmanship possibly save it? Sometimes not. In some situations, sentimental and historical value may further complicate the value judgement tips.

2. How can I find a reliable, professional piano technician?
Find your local piano technicians guild (google search "RPT" or "Piano Technicians Guild", along with the name of your city or county), and select someone in your area who is listed as a certified professional. Alternately, talk to a professional pianist in your area, who is an owner of a high-end piano that is properly maintained.

3. What is reconditioning?
The following four items:

4. What is rebuilding?
The following six items:

5. How do I arrange for repairs?
Have a complete evaluation done by a qualified piano technician, specializing in rebuilding. Discuss costs v. benefits of various options. You may want to revisit the rebuilder's shop, check references, or observe and inspect a work in progress. It is worth it.

6. How often must a piano be tuned?
As often as it is necessary, which is defined not just by pitch, but by how exact that pitch and harmony must be for the awareness or perspicacity of your particular audience. For some, this means three or four times per year. For others, only one time per year. The answer depends upon weather and humidity influence on your instrument components. Also, on the quality of those components. In more difficult conditions (for example, in areas of high humidity), a humidity control system) is recommended, to make sure only one tuning per year is sufficient.

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