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ill titleRefurbishing and Reconditioning

ill_1I am fond of old pianos and am expert at restoring them with a very conservative approach, meaning that most original parts can be reused, where possible, and giving the piano historical value.

A piano is a complex machine with thousands of moving parts, a framework and soundboard, and about forty tons of string pressure placed upon the frame. So many components to examine: felt wears, wood cracks, strings break, and all components are affected by residue, filth and even moisture. The ensuing poor condition leaves many pianos in a corner, unused, further neglected, and unplayed. My team and I enjoy bringing them back to excellent condition. Depending on the situation, this means that we need to choose among refurbishing, recondiitoning, rebuilding, restoration.

Ways to Renew and Revive
The idea here is to improve a piano's performance, and balancing both costs and benefits. Refurbishing and reconditioning includes cleaning of all parts, changing all broken and malfunctional parts (re-felt and re-leather as necessary), lubricating, and re-adjusting mechanics to recommended manufacturer specifications.

Excluded is the replacing of major components such as the soundboard itself, bridges, pinblock and most action parts.

Includes complete disassembly, inspection and repair. It usually involves changing some or all main components, such as a soundboard and pinblock, bridges, strings, and action devices such as the hammers or shanks, themselves.

We also strip, clean, sand and laquer the piano case. With all this work, we can take a piano back to its original condition, or better. Such work is usually most practical for high-quality instruments where maximum performance and longevity are required.ill_2